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Today I have a quick tip for you on who to take advice from, when you are working towards a goal.

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Who do you take advice from when working towards a goal?

The answer should be, no exception, "someone who has the result that you wants.”

Don’t take directions from someone who hasn’t been where you want to go, because they will almost always want to help, and unless they’ve gone through the process that you’re going through now, they don’t know how to do it. They might think they do. From books, from other people, from the media, but you don’t know how to do something until you actually do it. And let’s look at the very good example:

Let’s say you’ve never been on a bicycle before. You’ve seen others doing it successfully. You might even have one at home. You read the instructions.

But can you actually say that you know how to ride a bike until you get on and do it?

No! 100% No!

  • Don’t take weight loss advice from someone who’s overweight.
  • Don’t take business advice from someone who doesn’t have a business.

Imagine that the person you’re talking to is running a workshop to teach people how to do that specific thing you’re asking advice on.

Would you pay for it? If the answer is no, then move on.

This is a very good filter to use when friends and family are feeding your ideas.  Sometimes they’re really awful ideas. Even though they have your best interest at heart, say thank you but feel free to ignore the advice.

And always remember that, "People give advice while looking at the situation through their lens, not yours. It’s more of - this is what I would do - rather than what you should do."

That’s it a short and sweet. If you need help, either leave me a comment or drop me a message and maybe we can find a solution together.   I'm one email away: [email protected] is where you can find me.

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