Andreea Sandu.

Hi, I’m Andreea, and Coach Me Amazing is my personal brand. I’m here because
I made a hobby out of achieving goals and self development. Every change you can imagine,
I did it – got out of debt, quit smoking, changed careers, moved
on a boat, and lost weight to name a few.

My role as a coach is to:

  • Help you do what you said you’ll do even when you don’t feel like it
  • Have compassion when you need compassion and give you a kick in the pants when you need that
  • Be on your team no matter what
  • Help you develop better habits
  • Give you a safe space where you can talk or cry
  • Help you develop and implement a plan for your goal, be that weight loss, finding a partner, or a new job
  • Show you the positives in situations where you don’t think there are any
  • Never judge

Every Thursday I send out a Life Lesson Letter with coaching, news, and details or discounts I don’t share anywhere else.

Fill in the form and add [email protected] to your contacts so the emails don’t go to Spam. See you on Thursday!

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